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Sunset Eye Tutorial Ft. Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette

This palette is EVERYTHING!! 

So after watching numerous youtubers gush about how amazing Juvia's Place palettes are, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try it out for myself. (I know, I look crazy lol)

For $25 the "Masquerade" palette is a steal-especially considering the quality. These shadows are highly pigmented with a YUGE color payoff and extremely long lasting.

Since I'm still pretty much a novice in the eyeshadow department, I decided to experiment a tad. Originally I had planned to go with a more subtle "pink champagne" look on my lids but it ended up turning into this gorgeous sunset-esque look.

Eyes: The Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place
Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip-Limbo
Wig: Freetress Equal "Kitron" in OP430

If you want to see how I achieved this look check out my tutorial below and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss future vids!

$17 Hair! **FABULOUS U-Part Natural Hair Unit**

Hey ya'll! I fell in love with this unit as soon as I took it out of the package! This is my first review on a wig that isn't a lacefront unit and I'm LOVING the versatility! The Janet Collection offers this unit in a variety of natural hair types but the one I'm rocking is 3A to match the texture of my leave out.

Take a look at my review on this unit below and head on over to my channel to subscribe so you don't miss new vids!

Link to wig:;Vibe-U-Type-3A-Whirly-Wig-g-14139474.html


Outre Reggae Twist Review!

New video up on my channel! This marley twist inspired lace front was sooo gorgeous from the front but super problematic in the back. Check out my review below:

Wig: Get it here
Lips: MAC "Ruby Woo"

My FIRST Get to Know Me Tag!! *New Vid Alert*

Hey guys! I'm baaack! So I finally did the Get to Know Me Tag! Check it out below! 

I had such a blast filming and editing this video! I know this is a little bit different from videos I've uploaded in the past, but I thought I would keep it a little upbeat and try to keep from dry and stuffy ❤

I'm learning how to tweak editing and hopefully I'll be able to purchase some better software so my vids can be a little more YouTube pro, and a little less YouTube novice lol!

New Videos on my Channel + Christmas & New Year's Eve

Hey guys! I know I've totally neglected you for a couple of weeks but I promise I'm going to be a lot more consistent updating my blog to reflect my channel. I had a super hectic (but blessed) holiday season this year and I wanted to share a little with you all!

Christmas: This was the first Christmas for Pat and I that wasn't spent with either one of our families so it was kind of special because it was just us at home. We got a tree from Wal-Mart (like $29 I believe) and decorated stockings (OMG, I never realized how arduous crafting is and I totally respect anyone who can make something beautiful out of glitter pens and a freakin' stocking because mine looked like trash). I wish I had thought to take pictures before I took everything down so that I could share it here buuuttt....I totally spaced. I got: a new keurig, a wine aerator, some dope wine glasses from my cousin, this freakin' amazing box of goodies from my best friend Rox, some pokemon socks (score!), and 2 new Buffy comics/volumes really side note: I am a total Whedonverse groupie and have been since I was probably 9 or 10? I just started Season 8 of Buffy (I know, I'm so late) and I'm reading volume 3 right now. I've always been sort of a speed reader and I finished the first 2 volumes in a day so I'm trying to break 3 up into "episodes" because I can't spend $30 a day on new books on my undergrad budget.

In other news!! I uploaded my "favorite mattes of 2016" video on my YouTube Channel and I'm super excited about how it turned out! You can check it out below:

Most of these lippies are from Colourpop with the exception of the LAColor "Mistress" and MAC "Matte Royal". I usually don't purchase MAC lipsticks because they're so doggone expensive but luckily I got this fabulous royal blue one from my future mother-in-law (who is amazing)

I look like an alien, I know. Hush.

New Years: So being the smooth-talking gangsta that I am, I convinced my good friends to let me film our New Year's Eve celebration and they were really really good sports about it. Especially considering the fact that I sort of plied them with liquor and edited at will *evil laugh* They didn't see the final result until it was live on my channel and firmly cemented on the internet forever (bwahahaha). I think it turned out really great and I had so much fun putting it together. Check out how we rung in the New Year below:

I hope you guys liked the new vids! Head over to my channel here: ChampagneTaste for more reviews, college/couple VLOGS, and makeup tutorials! <3
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