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My fascination with all things beauty began in 2015 after I began my transition from relaxed to natural. One gloomy April morning I wandered into a local beauty supply and found myself smack dab in the middle of the wig section. I snatched a Spanish wave synthetic half wig off of the mannequin head and the rest...is history.


As I navigated through caring for my curls for the first time I fell in love with all of the amazing tips and tricks on Youtube. From beauty to photography, lace frontals and fashion-I began experimenting with different styles and finding ways to achieve #IGbaddie status on the lowly income of a full-time student and half-time soldier. Eager to share some of things I've learned, I decided to venture out and start my own platform


ChampagneTaste the Youtube Channel grew from humble beginnings. With nothing but a cheap external webcam and some fabric from a local Hobby Lobby, I created my first video. Two years later (and a few hundred upgrades) the channel has reached almost a quarter of a million views, and a community of almost 2,000 budget baddies that turn to ChampagneTaste for new ways to #savethecoins. Welcome to the Champagne Room.

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